Curated by Joshua Kim, Susan Kordalewski, Allison Maletz.

Woburn Square Studios
London, UK
May 12 – May 15 2008

PARTICIPANTS: Kjartan Abel, Ben Ashton, Ed Atkins, Charlotte Bates, Melis van den Berg, Xan Chacko, Elvina Chu, Nancy Diniz, Nisha Duggal, Sasha Garwood, Sinead Geary, Katherine Gretta, Anwen Handmer, Helena Howarth, Alice Howell, George Hull, Eyine Hyang Sook Kim, Joshua Kim, Susan Kordalewski, Rebecca Kressley, Juliana Amaral Leite, Leah Lovett, Allison Maletz, Patrizio Di Massimo, Somayeh Mohseni, Catalina Niculescu, Kate Keara Pelen, David Pettibone, Tom Quick, David Rule, Sepideh Saii, Erin Sullivan, Tessa Whitehead, Jana Williams, and Marylynne Wrye.

From May 12th to May 15th, 2008, Masters and PhD students from all disciplines joined together for a week long conversation to negotiate and share ideas about the Human Body. Slade Research Centre was host to a variety of discussions, lectures, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative art projects revolving around all manner of ideas and topics relating to the the body.

The culmination of our research was in the form of a reception, held Thursday May 15th, 19:00 – 21:00. A wide range of artworks and documentation were on display, including live performances, interactive art works, 2-D works, experiments and installations.

Participants represented a wide array of departments, including, The Slade School of Fine Art, English Language and Literature, Medicine, The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, History of Medicine, Science and Technology, Philosophy, Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Anthropology, and The Institute of Neurology.

Lecture Schedule:
May 13th, Tuesday
13:30; “Body Tailored Space”, Nancy Diniz, PhD Bartlett Graduate School.
14:00; “Framing The Body: Metaphors Within Medicine”, Alice Howell, MSc Culture and Health.
14:30; “The Anatomy Of Gender”, Xan Chacko, MSc Imperial College.
15:00; “None But Death Can Cure: Dying Of Grief In Early Modern England”, Erin Sullivan, PhD Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine.

May 14th, Wednesday
13:30; “Anatomy And Society In Nineteenth-Century London”, Tom Quick, PhD Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine.
14:00; “Do We Own Our Bodies?”, George Hull, MPhil Philosophy.
14:30; “Men, Miracle Maidens And Meaning”, Sasha Garwood, PhD.
15:00; “The Existence And Non-Existence Of Bodies In Sociology, Sickness And Everyday Life”, Charlotte Bates, PhD Goldsmiths Sociology Department