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[ 安威数控刀具 / ANN WAY Tool Holder ]



更重要的是,安威拥有国际标准规格的检验模具BT、HSK、DIN、ANSI,使产品更能合乎国际市场的严苛要求。而于2003年通过ISO 9001认证,亦使得安威在质量掌控、行政与生产管理、客户服务与技术支持等各方面,确实发挥加乘效果。优质的产品深得国内外客户肯定,成功营销美国、加拿大、意大利、英国、德国、法国、澳洲、瑞士等全球多个国家。「用实力证明价值,以实绩创造品牌」,安威持续以一种打造机械配件精工质量的态度,踩着稳健的步伐,迈向企业永续经营之路。

  1. 数控刀具
  2. 刀柄
  3. 铣刀夹头
  4. 精搪刀
  5. 热缩式刀柄
  6. 钻夹头刀柄
  7. 粗搪刀
  8. 刀杆
  9. 刀具设定仪
  10. 强力刀柄
  11. 油路刀把
  12. 后拉式刀柄


ANN WAY Tool Holder, CNC Tool Holder, Collet Chuck, Milling Chuck, Slim Chuck

We specializes in high quality machine tool holding systems and related machine tool accessories. We are the developers and manufacturers of our super power grip ASC milling chuck for heavy duty operations. To meet the requirements of advanced machining technologies, we offer our latest products - the AHC series hydraulic chucks and the HSK series hollow tool shanks for high speed cutting. Tool holder and all tool holding related components manufactured by Ann Way feature high mechanical stability and accuracy. Our machine tool components are built to last and covered by Ann Way's excellent after sale service for all our clients.

  1. Tool Holder
  2. CNC Tool Holder
  3. Collet Chuck
  4. Milling Chuck
  5. Slim Chuck


Ann Way Machine Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979. We manufacture cutting tools and cutting tool holders for conventional and CNC machine tools.

Our main products include,

Our ASK, ADS, AVC and ASG series products meet the demands of high speed, high precision machining.

We have invested heavily over the years in our own manufacturing facilities and are ISO9001 certified. Our R&D department is always active and ready to offer new high quality products. You can find Ann Way cutting holders and cutting tools in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Turkey and Southeast Asia. We actively keep innovating, developing, and enterprising to offer good product quality and serve all customers.