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    you rule, thank you so much for all your hard work protecting my favourite place on earth ?🌳?

  2. Not a river but the outflow from Deephams Sewage Works. Evidence of sewage waste clinging to the branches.

  3. No.4 Successfully argued against unlawful car park at and worked with Council & HMUG to replace it with biodiverse habitat :-)

  4. No.3 Successfully called for a public inquiry on proposed development incl. car parks on .

  5. No.2 Successfully campaigned with local sports teams to prevent the use of for three private mega-events every summer

  6. How our campaigning has made a difference: no.1 Insisted on reinstatement of which resulted in works on drainage and footpath

  7. Don't wanna sound smug guys, but we saw the super moon 🌕 on our day trip to France 🇫🇷

  8. The ferry was £6 ⛴

  9. I was eating a crêpe and drinking cider out of a mug in Wissant by mid afternoon.

  10. We went to France for the day today. Took bikes on train Stratford Int. to Dover, ferry to Calais, then cycled along Côte d'Opale. 🚄⛴🚲🇫🇷

  11. Have you lost a one eyed cat in the dalston area? If so, I'm looking after him for you.

  12. What I did today

  13. Great to see the & how well is doing. Thanks for a nice night.

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    • @tasha4ctc

      I'm standing as Labour's candidate for Crewe Town Council in the Crewe West ward. Vote for me 1st December.

    • @mum_on_bike

      mum, doctor, Londoner

  15. Our family friends in Wisconsin went to bed with hope still in their hearts, I feel so bad for them when they wake up.

  16. I woke up feeling so weird with pins and needles all over my body and a terrible feeling and I checked my phone and it was true.

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