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Welcome 12BM User Page

12BM is a multi-purpose beamline use for Spectroscopy (XAS), Small Angle Scattering (SAXS), and surface scattering/diffraction. The beamline is designed to provide a versatile platform to cover a wide range of experimental needs. A combination of techniques can also be accomplished at 12BM along with different experimental conditions (heating, cooling, in-situ catalytic reactions, etc.)

Follow the 12BM APS Website for more detailed information regarding 12BM specifications.

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New CCD Detector

12BM has a new addition to its SAXS Detection. A Mar 225 has been added to the beamline:

  • q-range at 12keV (0.008 to 0.6)
  • 225mm x 225mm detection area
  • No gaps between CCD's
  • Faster readout times
  • Low noise

Mirror Upgrade

12BM will have a critical mirror upgrade mid-2016

  • Replaced torodial mirror and chamber 1 meter in length
  • Collimating mirror will be replaced - two stripes (Pt, Si)
  • Larger Energy Range from 4.5keV to 30keV
  • Better Harmonic Rejection with Collimating mirror