ADR - Goddards Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
Creating Solutions and Synergy


The Vision of the ADR Program is to foster an environment that facilitates open communication, creative solutions, understanding, learning, growth and change.

The redesigned Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program offers GSFC civil servants a new way to resolve general workplace disputes as well as grievances and EEO Complaints. ADR is a term used to describe a series of processes or techniques that employ a neutral third party to help individuals in conflict reach a positive solution. ADR processes are designed to help people resolve conflict at the earliest stage, before they turn into grievances, personnel actions and complaints. ADR does not replace the formal dispute resolution processes, but rather offers employees an opportunity to resolve workplace issues early before they escalate. GSFC ADR focuses on three main goals: (1) to help employees resolve workplace disputes more effectively and efficiently through the use of ADR processes like mediation and facilitation, (2) to help participants in ADR to improve their working relationship(s) and (3) to offer conflict management training. Mediation, one of the more popular ADR processes, offers participants a confidential, voluntary, and timely process for resolving their issues and concerns. In addition, participants have a right to representation in mediation, e.g. union representation, attorney etc.

The ADR Program encourages employees at all levels to try to resolve differences between/among themselves first. ADR is available to an employee who is experiencing conflict with a co-worker, or with a supervisor, and may be requested whether or not a complaint, grievance, or personnel action has been initiated over the matter. Employees maintain the right to pursue those more formal avenues as long as they meet the required timeframes. The ADR Program is available to all civil servants.

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