Australia Group Information System (AGIS) Certificates

AGIS Certificate Request

Welcome to the Australia Group Information System certificate request page!

You are about to make a request for an AGIS certificate. This certificate will enable you to securely access the AGIS website.

A certificate is a form of digital identification that will uniquely identify you and your computer. It is composed of two parts, a public key and a private key. The public key is stored on the AGIS system and is available to other members in participating governments for use with encrypted email if required. The private key is generated and stored on your computer when you complete the AGIS certificate request. The private key is protected on your computer by a password that you create. (Note: on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) you must turn on advanced protection option to require the use of a password to access your certificate, otherwise only your Windows password is protecting someone from accessing your certificate without your knowledge.) The private key and its password are never transmitted over the internet.

Together the public key and private key enable encrypting and decrypting information from the secure website. Your digital certificate cannot be forged and there are no practical means to break the encryption when a certificate is used.

Your AGIS certificate is used to enter the secure AGIS website. If secure email communications to the AG Secretariat or AG Delegates is required please see "Help" on the left for additional configuration information.

The procedures to request your certificate from various browsers are different in details, but in general the following must occur:

IMPORTANT: The computer, browser and login ID from which you will make your certificate request must also be the same computer, browser and login ID you will use to access the AGIS web site, because your computer specific private key is generated during this request. (Roaming profiles may be used, only if your browser profile follows you.)
You must have an email account on your computer to receive your new certificate. If you will be using the certificate only for access to the web site, web-based types of email accounts will work for the certificate request.
Note: Web-based email accounts such as, where you read your email in a browser will not work with the certificate-based email encryption. The email program that you use to receive and send certificate-based encrypted messages must be configured for use on your computer using programs such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
Please click on the browser you will access AGIS from: Firefox/Mozilla Browsers, or Internet Explorer.
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