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Accelerator Physics Center at Fermilab

The goal of the Accelerator Physics Center is to provide enhanced emphasis on, and support of, accelerator R & D activities aimed at Fermilab's future beyond the end of the current decade. The APC will provide both a physical location and an organizational structure that can accommodate accelerator scientists and engineers, either from Fermilab or outside institutions. The APC will contribute to the improvement of performance of the existing accelerator complex, and the development of new technologies and accelerator concepts that could enable new forefront facilities beyond the current decade.

News And Events

  • JULY 2016 APC Highlights

  • Congratulations to Vladimir Shiltsev who co-wrote "Why India Matters" in the July 2016 APS News. 7/12/16 learn more...
  • Congratulations to Daniel Bowring and Charles Thangaraj for being the first team from Fermilab to receive funding for the DOE Lab-Corps program. 7/8/16"learn more...
  • June 2016 APC Highlights

    "4th FAST/IOTA Scientific Program Meeting", 6/14/16"learn more...

    May 2016 APC Highlights

    Congratulations "May 16, 2016: "FAST electron injector achieved 50 MeV beam!" learn more...
  • February 2016 APC Highlights

  • Congratulations to Nikolai Mokhov who was recognized and awarded for his MARS15 Software Record of Invention at the Fermilab Inventor Recognition Ceremony held Feb 16 at the IARC Lecture Hall. learn more...
  • January 2016 APC Highlights

  • Vladimir Shiltsev is elected to Chair line of the APS DPB". Bob Zwaska heads the Fermilab Accelerator Physics PhD Committee learn more:
  • December 2015

  • APC 2015 Highlights ... Click here to download PDF
  • Prof. Michael Syphers of NIU joins APC ...learn more
  • November 2015

  • New Book "Electron Lenses for Super-Colliders" published by Springer...learn more
  • July 2015

  • SriHarsha Panuganti from NIU successfully defended his research...learn more
  • June 2015

  • Jeff Eldred awarded NPSS Graduate Scholarship Award
  • May 2015

  • Vladimir Shiltsev receives Robert H. Siemann Award
  • May 2015

  • American Physical Society recognizes Valery Lebedev
  • March 2015

    "The ASTA team achieved 20MeV electron beam!"
  • February 2015

    Ao Liu, from Indiana University, receives his PhD through the Accelerator PhD program at Fermilab...Program
  • January 2015

    Valeri Lebedev: Outstanding APS Referee 2015...Article
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    Experimental AAR+D Group
    LHC Accelerator Group

    LHC Accelerator Research Program

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    Muon Accelerator R and D

    Muon Accelerator R & D

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    Muon Accelerator R and D

    SRF & PIP-II

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    Energy Deposition

    Energy Deposition

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    CPA Group

    CPA Group

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    Theory/Simulation Group

    Theory/Simulation Department

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