BESC-Portal provides access to BESC datasets and analysis tools related to BESC research.


This resource provides access to several types of BESC related datasets. These include the current list of BESC publications with direct links to data submissions (by Accession numbers) in public repositories (e.g. NCBI, PDB, ATCC). Also included is an interactive mode of exploration of multi-level BESC omics data (genome, transcriptome, proteome), using the JBrowse genome browser.


This resource provides access to BESC related tools. These include database and analysis tools developed at ORNL and UGA. BESC is also collaborating with KBase (DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase) through the development of several core shared projects that leverage and focus KBase development to reduce bottlenecks and enable our science as well as provide a route for sharing BESC computational tools and data to a wider audience.

Featured Publications: