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BioFinder is a map and database identifying Vermont's lands and waters supporting high priority ecosystems, natural communities, habitats, and species. The most comprehensive assessment of its kind in Vermont, BioFinder was developed by the Agency of Natural Resources and partners to further our collective stewardship and conservation efforts.

 Introduction to BioFinder Video on the BioFinder tutorials page
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At its core, BioFinder is 21 overlapping data sets representing terrestrial and aquatic biological, ecological, and natural heritage data at various scales and aspects. A co-occurrence analysis then identified the locations of greatest overlap for priority ranking at the statewide scale.You can use the BioFinder Mapping Tool to explore the distribution and richness of Vermont's biodiversity and help secure Vermont's natural heritage for future generations.

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Under the “Using Biofinder” tab you’ll find several pages that will help get you going. Exploring these pages first before delving into the map will help give you a better understanding of how the map works and what you can expect to get from it. The tips & tools gives you an overview of the map and its interface. Video Tutorials takes you through the process and shows you individual features like how to upload a shapefile. And finally Interpreting Results gives you guidance for getting the most our of your research.

See the Map is the place to go to explore the diversity and richness of Vermont’s landscape and natural heritage.

About BioFinder: explains BioFinder’s science and methods and summarizes how we think BioFinder can help developers, educators, planners and scientists.

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