The mission of the Bureau of Finance and Management includes advising the Governor on overall fiscal policy; completing and presenting the annual fiscal plan; promoting the efficient and effective management of the state of South Dakota; preparing the state's annual financial report; and, managing the central accounting and payroll systems for the state.

What's New

Thursday, November 17, 2016

On July 22 the JCA will discuss proration of FY2016 interest earnings, comments on FY2016 year-end, and FY2017 revenue projection updates. (07/15/2016)

Governor Daugaard issued a press release announcing a $14.1 million surplus for FY2016. Slides with details on general fund receipts and reversions are provided here as well. (07/13/2016)

  • Public Issuer Bond Ratings
    • Moody's released a public issuer rating for South Dakota of AAA (July 2016). State press release here.
    • Fitch upgraded South Dakota's issuer default rating to AAA (June 2016). State press release here.
    • Moody's upgraded South Dakota's lease-revenue bonds to Aa1 (February 2016). State press release here.
    • S&P; upgraded South Dakota's issuer credit rating to AAA (May 2015). State press release here.
  • The FY2017 Budget in Brief shows a summary of the state budget for the next fiscal year.

Jason C. Dilges

SD Chief Financial Officer
and BFM Commissioner