The California State Controller's Office has posted more than 60 million fields of financial information, provided by 58 counties, more than 450 cities and more than 4,800 special districts over the past 12 years, in an open data format. In addition to providing basic statistics about each city and county, this website details their revenues, expenditures, liabilities, assets, and fund balances.

Also included are more than one million fields of data for California’s 130 state and local government pension plans over 12 years, including information on assets, funded and unfunded liabilities employer/employee contribution levels, investment income, retiree benefit payments and much more.

Easy-to-use interfaces are currently available for city, county, special district, and defined benefit pension and defined contribution pension data. Transportation planning agencies, transit operators, and assessed valuation raw data are now available for download.

The information displayed is compiled from reports submitted to the State Controller’s Office in accordance with state law. Local government financial data is unaudited. For a copy of a local agency’s audited financial statements, please contact the agency directly. Retirement system data is audited by an independent accounting firm or county auditor hired at the discretion of the each pension system. Because neither the pension data nor the local government financial data were audited by the Controller’s Office itself, we are not responsible for its accuracy. Read here about the data categories offered and more.