What You Can Do About Wood Smoke

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Burning Cleanly

-Operate wood stoves efficiently

-EPA's Best Burn Practices

-Check air quality conditions before deciding to burn

-Burn small, hot fires and never let a fire smolder

-Never burn the wrong fuels, only burn dry wood or  pellet logs mixed with wood

-Follow your stove's user manual

-Have your wood stove inspected and serviced annually  by a qualified technician

Types of Wood Stoves

-Catalytic Stoves ( 4.1 grams per hour emission limit)

-Non-Catalytic Stoves ( 7.5 g/hr emission limit)

Homeowner Assistance Programs

-FNSB Change Out Program

-AHFC Energy Programs

Buying the Right Wood Stove

-DEC Woodstove Information

-EPA Burnwise Consumer Guide

-Talk to a wood stove dealer

-Select the right type and size for your home

-Check the EPA White Label on the back of each stove

-Have your new stove professionally installed

Signs Your Wood Stove Could Use Updating

-Solid doors indicating it pre-dates 1990

-Requires frequent feedings

-Smoke inside your home or leaving the chimney

-Dusty conditions in your home when burning

-Watery eyes or stuffy noses