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The NASA KSC Office of Chief Counsel provides legal, business, and ethics advice to the Director of KSC, senior management, and all Center elements in all areas of law and policy affecting Center operations and interests and implementation of Agency strategic goals and objectives.

The Office represents NASA interests in all litigation in which KSC is a party, and provides advice and assistance to the Department of Justice and United States Attorney's offices. The Office provides advice and counsel on matters including Agency acquisitions, contract administration, and dispute resolution; Space Act authority and agreements; legislation and congressional inquiries; patents, intellectual property rights and license agreements; employee labor relations; ethics and standards of conduct; export control; environmental compliance; real and personal property; non-appropriated fund activities and concession agreements; jurisdiction; fiscal; admiralty; business; and all other legal matters pertaining to the Center. Also, the Office adjudicates non-contractual claims for personal injury and property damage.