Prayer Offered for August 31, 2016

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As you come to the end of this session, I leave you with the words of Sister Mary Baptist Russell, whose statue graces the lawn out there.  To some young sisters who had just proclaimed their final vows, she said: “You must not now imagine all is done; on the contrary, you are just now beginning.”

So as you transition from this space, we ask God’s continual presence and blessings on your endings and new beginnings:

May you experience the God of surprises hidden in the pockets of your daily life, waiting to be discovered;

May you experience the God of generosity as you encounter an abundance of insight and creativity for improving our world;

And may you experience the God of peace as you return home to a new rhythm of growth and transformation.—AMEN.

(Adapted from Joyce Rupp, “Heart of Love,” in Out of the Ordinary.)

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