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Code 210 Shadowing

  • Through observation and conversation, participating Code 210 personnel will have the opportunity to learn about different facets of the procurement process.  Available to Code 210 personnel only.  (Click here to sign up)


  • We want to hear from you!  Tell us how we can make our Procurement Organization better (click here).  Current status of suggestions received (click here).


  • Nominate someone in our procurement community for their helpful actions and respectful behaviors (click here). 

  • NASA's CON Schedule for FY16
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    Invoice Processing
  • Invoice Routing and Information System (IRIS) Job Aids
  • IRIS Tutorial Video
  • IRIS Guidance
  • IRIS "Awareness" Email Notifications
  • WAWF e-Invoicing - Visit the NSSC's Accounts Payable page for information on Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) - eInvoicing implementation.  You can obtain FAQs, newsletters, and other vital information applicable to NASA's transition to WAWF (click here  to access the URL).
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    Our Vision:

       Excellence in an evolving acquisition environment

    Our Mission:

       Establish partnerships that deliver optimal business solutions – one procurement – one mission– one customer at a time

    Our Strategic Goals:

      Be a premier organization by providing, promoting, and fostering:

    High quality products and services 
    Outstanding customer service
    Mutual respect among well-developed, committed employees
    A safe, inclusive, and open environment 

    Our Guiding Principles:

         o  We create a positive, supportive environment where everyone's views are respected
         o  We build/maintain strong trust between management and employees
                -  Leaders/managers look out for employees' best interests
                -  Employees give best effort and are accountable for their work
         o  Leaders/managers consistently model the behaviors they expect from employees
         o  Employees are motivated to be inquisitive, offer ideas, and seek to understand why they do what they do
         o  Everyone takes pride in their work, and quality of work improves




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