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Computational Structural Integrity Assessment Team

Business Overview:

  • We perform independent integrity assessments of engineering structures using computational methods.
  • We specialize in probabilistic risk assessments, as well as in defect assessments and predictions of probability of failure of engineering structures due to the presence of defects.
  • We have extensive experience in analysis of ferritic and austenitic steels, including welds and weld heat-affected zones for domestic and international nuclear power plants.
  • We also perform independent reviews of probabilistic leak-before-break for piping systems of different materials in nuclear power plants.
  • Our team has provided the technical bases and computational tools to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (USA NRC-RES) since late 1960’s.
  • We are positioned to offer a wide and varied suite of software tools and analysis services, backed by strong and credible research products that are well documented in technical publications.

CSIAT Software Tool Overview

Contact: Richard Bass, PhD -  Corporate Fellow
Email: bassbr@ornl.gov
Tel: (865) 576-8571