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SSC Construction SafetySSC Construction SafetySSC Construction SafetySSC Construction SafetySSC Construction SafetySSC Construction Safety
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Thursday, November 17, 2016
  Welcome to NASA John C. Stennis Construction Safety Web Page.  Use this page to access safety-related information for all construction activities at Stennis Space Center.  If you need further assistance or have ideas to improve this web site, please contact Mike Rewis at 228-688-2663 or by e-mail at  
  NASA Construction Safety:

Mike Rewis

Kathy Cooper

Construction POC:
Donald Smith

> Mishap Exposure Report

> SHETrak

> Severe Weather Warning

> Report a Close Call

  • SSC-576 Confined Space Entry Permit
  • SSC-814 Daily Activity Hazard Analysis
  • SSC-819 PPE Hazard Assessment
  • SSC-821 Confined Space Reclassification
  • SSC-840 Mobile Aerial Pre-Use Checklist
  • SSC-845 Forklift Daily Inspection
  • SSC-852 Job Site Audit
  • SSC-853 Project Hazard Analysis
  • SSC-879 SSC Construction Safety Weekly Inspection
  • SSC-1627 NASA SSC Mishap Report

Construction Safety Links

OSHA Website

CPSC Recalls

Corp of Engineers

OSHA Quick Start for Construction

OSHA Training Links

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health

Tool Box & Monthly Meeting
Tool Box Topics from OSHA
Despite its high fatality rate, construction can be a safe occupation when workers are aware of the hazards, and use an effective Safety and Health Program. This eTool will help you identify and control the hazards that commonly cause the most serious construction injuries. View more
Monthly Safety Presentations1
Sept 1, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Aug 4, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
July 7, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
June 2, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
May 5, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Apr 7, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Mar 3, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Feb 4, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Jan 7, 2016   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Dec 3, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Nov 5, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Oct 1, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Sept 3, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Aug 6, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
July 2, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
June 4, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
May 7, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Apr 2, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Mar 5, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Feb 5, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Jan 8, 2015   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Dec 4, 2014   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Nov 6, 2014   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Oct 2, 2014   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Sept 4, 2014   MinutesPresentationsFindings
Aug 7, 2014   MinutesPresentationsFindings

  Archived Monthly Safety Presentations

NASA SSC Specific Construction Safety

Emergency Phone Listings to post at job site

What is needed in a NASA Construction Contractors Safety Plan

How to compute your companies TRIR and DART rates (Incident Rates)

Mishap Investigation Board Orientation

NASA Mishaps Classifications

1Some publications are in .pdf format. Download the free Acrobat reader from Adobe Systems to view these documents by clicking here.Some documents are in .pdf format. You can download the free Acrobat reader from Adobe Systems to view these documents.
Responsible NASA Official: Mike Rewis
Technical Point of Contact: Daryl Kosturock
Curator: SDC Operations, 228-688-2525 option 3
Last Updated: July 1, 2016
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