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Upcoming Reports:

2016-111 - City of Irwindale—Finances and Governance
Est. Release Date: November 29, 2016 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2016-046 | Statute: Business and Professions Code, Section 2718 - Board of Registered Nursing
Est. Release Date: December 2016

2016-039 | Statute: California Goverment Code, Section 11864 - FI$Cal Status Letter
Est. Release Date: January 2017

2016-041 | Statute: California Government Code, Sections 8548.7 & 8548.9 - Recommendations Not Fully Implemented After One Year (Omnibus Audit Accountability)
Est. Release Date: January 2017

2016-109 - California Department of Education—Uniform Complaint Procedures
Est. Release Date: January 2017 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2016-701 - Recommendations for Legislative Consideration
Est. Release Date: January 2017

School Library Services:
Report 2016-112—Vague State Laws and a Lack of Monitoring Allow School Districts to Provide a Minimal Level of Library Services
State of California:
Report 2016-006—Treasurer's Cash Count as of June 30, 2016
Judicial Branch Procurement:
Report 2016-301—The Five Superior Courts We Reviewed Mostly Adhered to Required and Recommended Practices, but Some Improvements Are Needed
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