143rd Composite Squadron

Welcome to the United States Air Force Auxiliary!

We are the 143rd Composite Squadron and we are located in Waterbury Connecticut. We hold regular weekly meetings every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at the CT National Guard Armory, 64 Field Street in downtown Waterbury.

Who are we?

We are a nation wide group of citizens who train to help others in a time of need. How we accomplish this goal is by using Air Force customs and training. We help people out of sticky situations like getting lost in the woods or when a plane crashes and needs to be recovered. There are many more scenarios that the Civil Air Patrol works for but those are just a few.

Why do we stand out from JROTC’s?

While Civil Air Patrol does teach cadets customs and courtesies of the Unite States Air Force, we are based solely on volunteer service. What this does is give cadets a good sense of what the world is like. For most cadets joining the military is an option for them and cadets upon graduating boot camp can become and E-2 instantly in any branch of the military.




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