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The calendar year 2004 relocation income tax allowance (RITA) and income tax reimbursement (ITRA) computer programs are attached. These programs include the Federal, state and Puerto Rico marginal tax rate tables that are needed to pay RITA's and ITRA's during the calendar year. These allowances are intended to reimburse employees for substantially all of the additional tax liability incurred as a result of moving expense or travel reimbursements. The marginal tax rate tables were published by the General Services Administration in the Federal Register on March 15, 2004, as FTR Amendment 2004-01. These programs will calculate a RITA or an ITRA, based on your input. The final printed report will clearly indicate whether it is a RITA or an ITRA calculation.

Click on link below to download the RITA 2004 Software.

RITA 2004 Software Download

The 2004 RITA/ITRA program contains six files for use on personal computers:

2004 RITA & ITRA.TXT Read Me Text Document for 2004 RITA/ITRA
TAX2004.EXE Menu for the 2004 RITA/ITRA programs.
TX0403.EXE RITA/ITRA program for YEAR-1 = 2003 and YEAR-2 = 2004
TX0402.EXE RITA/ITRA program for YEAR-1 = 2002 and YEAR-2 = 2004
TX0401.EXE RITA/ITRA program for YEAR-1 = 2001 and YEAR-2 = 2004
TX0400.EXE RITA/ITRA program for YEAR-1 = 2000 and YEAR-2 = 2004

The 2004 programs are compiled in Microsoft QuickBasic in stand-alone executable files. There is no need for a BASIC program to run the files. Previous editions of the RITA programs are obsolete.

The programs for the RITA/ITRA calculations have been updated for fiscal year 2004 and tested and are being shared at no cost with other Federal agencies upon request. You may use these programs at your discretion. Alternatively, you may decide to calculate the RITA or ITRA manually, develop your own computer program(s) or adopt another methodology.

Questions on the operation of the programs may be addressed to the contact named below. Questions on the RITA regulations and formulas should be directed to the GSA, Office of Governmentwide Policy (MTT), 202-501-1538.

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