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  1. 2016 Legislative changes impacting Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
    A number of bills passed during the 2016 legislative session impact the Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. This answer contains: The Bill number and a link to the complete text of the bill from the...
    Date Updated: 09/14/2016
    Answer ID: 2414
  2. 2016 Legislative changes impacting Superior Courts and Juvenile Departments
    A number of bills passed during the 2016 legislative session that impact the Superior Courts or Juvenile Departments. This answer contains: The Bill number and a link to the complete text of the bill...
    Date Updated: 09/14/2016
    Answer ID: 2415
  3. CLJ-CMS Clean-up Reports in BOXI/Business Intelligence Tool (BIT) Updated
    There are a number of new and updated reports available in BOXI/Business Intelligence Tool (BIT) that Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (CLJ) can begin to run to get ready for the CLJ-CMS...
    Date Updated: 10/31/2016
    Answer ID: 2421
    Year-End Task Reminders recommended by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) are listed below for each court level.  Tasks listed can be completed prior to the...
    Date Updated: 01/22/2016
    Answer ID: 1688
  5. Locate a response to a question submitted using the "Ask a Question" option on this site.
    You must register for an account in order to read email responses to your questions. To Register, select the "My Stuff"  tab, then click  "Sign Up." On the Create Account screen, type your...
    Date Updated: 09/28/2015
    Answer ID: 2227
  6. Accessing JABS from home
    Yes.  Click the link below to the secure Web site and follow the normal JABS login procedure: . If you do not have a JABS login or are...
    Date Updated: 01/20/2012
    Answer ID: 1086
  7. Find the ORI number for an LEA or court
    The ORI (Originating Agency) number for an LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) or court is listed on the Official/Organization (OFO) screen in the ORG DOL CODE field. The Washington State...
    Date Updated: 10/25/2013
    Answer ID: 1755
  8. Re-Licensing amnesty program to regain driver's license
    During May 2009, many courts in the state offered court-fine debt reduction / re-licensing programs. Many courts extended the program through June 2009. The Washington State Administrative...
    Date Updated: 10/20/2009
    Answer ID: 1023
  9. Washington State juvenile detention facility locations
    The following chart shows the juvenile detention facilities operated by the various counties in Washington State. For more detailed information, including addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses...
    Date Updated: 12/30/2015
    Answer ID: 781
  10. Becoming a Guardian ad litem (GAL)
    Detailed information about GAL responsibilities, training requirements, and becoming a registered GAL in Washington State is available on the  Guardian Ad Litem page of the Washington...
    Date Updated: 01/22/2015
    Answer ID: 150