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General Information and Application

Each year the State Bar of California offers attorneys in California an opportunity to contribute to the legal profession and the public by volunteering to serve on one of the State Bar's committees.  The State Bar annually recruits applicants for 10 standing committees, 16 section executive committees, and 21 special committees, boards and commissions. The State Bar's Board of Trustees appoints approximately 150-200 new members every year to these committees, and strives to make appointments that will achieve diversity and broad representation of the California legal profession. The appointments generally are made by the end of July, with terms commencing at the close of the State Bar Annual Meeting in the fall.

The Board also makes annual appointments to five other entities:  American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates, Judicial Council, Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE Commission), Review Committee of the JNE Commission (RJNE), and Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) Oversight Committee.  The Board typically makes the appointments to the ABA House of Delegates and the Judicial Council in the spring, and the appointments to the JNE Commission, RJNE, and the LAP Oversight Committee by the end of July.

Application. To apply, use the online application:

Deadlines and Process. In 2017, the application deadline for most committees is Jan. 27, 2017 with the exceptions below:

  • JNE Commission and RJNE: May 4, 2017 application deadline

Committees with interim appointment vacancies (see below) have different deadlines.

On occasion, the application deadline may be extended for certain committees. For details regarding the appointment process, board policies and deadlines for specific committees, please see Procedures.

Call the staff liaison for the committee in which you are interested - see Where to Go, Whom to Call - or select the link to the committee page. You can also call or write to the Appointments Office.

Appointments Office
The State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-1639

Application forms may be emailed to:

Committee Descriptions

Select the committee link for the description of the committee's work, special requirements, the number of vacancies, and the staff liaison's contact information.  A compilation of all committee descriptions is also available from the Appointments Office. 

Interim Appointment Vacancies

From time to time, new vacancies on committees and commissions arise due to resignations. Appointments to fill these vacancies are called "interim appointments," and an appointee serves the remaining portion of the resigned member's term.

Interim appointments generally are available from October through May.

To apply, submit the current application form to the State Bar's Appointments Office . For a description of the committee, application requirements, and the name of the staff contact, select the link to the committee.  The terms for these positions typically are one to three years and are effective upon appointment.

Travel Policy Information for State Bar Volunteers