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Welcome to the NASA LaRC Airborne Science Data for Atmospheric Composition

Promoting a better understanding of air quality and climate change issues by archiving, managing, and sharing tropospheric composition data from airborne field studies.

Current / Recent Missions
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DISCOVER-AQ (2011 - 2014)
Latest Activities and Operational Updates

MEaSUREs Projects

Creating a Unified Airborne Database for Model Assessment


Tropospheric Airborne Measurement Evaluation Panel

TAD - Toolsets for Airborne Data

TAD's ( purpose is to promote airborne data use thru an intuitive user interface for variable selection across different airborne field studies; this web application includes features to create merge files based on user’s choice of time base (standard-constant or species-specific). Users are given the option to select data based on mission, date and/or scientific parameter. Output options include original data submitted by each measurement Principal Investigator (PI) and/or merged data, i.e., geolocated data from one or multiple measurement PIs.

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