What Can the Do Not Pay Business Center Do for Your Agency?


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The Do Not Pay (DNP) Business Center is a multi-functional analytics tool and one-stop data shop.

DNP allows agencies to check various data sources for pre-award, pre-payment eligibility verification, at the time of payment and any time in the payment lifecycle. It allows them to verify eligibility of a vendor, grantee, loan recipient, or beneficiary. This will help prevent, reduce, and stop improper payments, as well as prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • DNP offers a centralized system (the DNP portal) that agencies can use at no cost to isolate and identify the potential for improper payments.
  • DNP will benefit the federal agency that enters into a financial transaction with a person or entity.
  • DNP is NOT a list of entities or people that should not be paid.
  • DNP provides many data sources - in one place - that agencies can use to verify eligibility.
  • DNP is committed to providing:
    • quality data
    • more data sources
    • continuous system development
    • cutting edge data analytics
    • customized agency outreach

Our Mission is to:

  • Protect the integrity of the government’s payment process by assisting agencies in mitigating and eliminating improper payments in a cost-effective manner while safeguarding the privacy of individuals.

Do Not Pay Award Payment cycle;

DNP Business Center Components

DNP Web-based Portal

The DNP Portal is multi-functional analytics tool and one-stop data shop for grant and loan managers, procurement officials, benefit providers, and certifying officers.

DNP provides agencies with various methods and an array of data sources for use during pre-award, pre- payment, pre-enrollment, and at time of payment to verify and re-verify eligibility.

The Portal provides users with a secure online single entry point to check multiple data sources, which are frequently updated, and allows users to see results immediately.

Users have the option of performing searches by using four different methods.

DNP Analytics Center

The DNP Analytics Center provides advanced payment analysis services to Federal agencies. In partnership with the agencies, a variety of data analysis and visualization can be conducted to help combat improper payments.

Agency Support Center

Supports users for all services and all aspects of the process. Also, provides customized training and portal demonstrations.