eOffer/eMod is a tool to submit contract offers and contract modification requests to GSA Federal Acquisition Service online.


You are required to have a digital certificate for access into the eOffer/eMod applications, to authenticate you against the authorized negotiators list for your offer/modification, and to sign the final contract/modification documents electronically. To obtain a digital certificate, please click on the link under the "About eOffer" section below titled (Digital Certificates). You will see links for the two providers authorized to sell the ACES Business Representative Identity Certificates.


Please be aware, that it will take between 7 and 14 days for a digital certificate to be issued after you have notarized you paperwork and submitted it to the company and that digital certificates must be updated every two (2) years. It is imperative that you as contractors keep your digital certificates current. An expired digital certificate will delay the ability to submit an electronic offer or modification.


Furthermore, please ensure that you back up your certificate. Check the eOffer user guide under the "Customer Assistance and Training" section to find the procedures for backing up your certificate. By backing up your certificate, if something happens to your computer, you will have a copy to import on your new computer.


Also remember you must add your name to the "Authorized Negotiators" list EXACTLY as it appears on your digital certificate. If the names DO NOT match EXACTLY you WILL NOT be able to access the eOffer/eMod applications.


Effective on January 1, 2013, you may now use your DOD ECA certificates to access the eOffer homepage. Select the Digital Certificate section below for additional details.

On Monday July 25, 2016, eOffer/eMod will be enhanced to capture "Product" data elements in a formatted manner. The Formatted Products Tool (FPT) will be a new process that will capture all line items in a formatted template, send those line items through a standardization process, and allow the user to send their product and catalog data directly to GSA Advantage upon award. The new process will be rolled out on a schedule by schedule basis.

For more information on the Formatted Products Tool initiative Click Here

WARNING: If you are using a Firefox Browser to submit an eOffer you may encounter an error message when responding to the SubKPlan Questionnaire '101185 sub-k plan is incomplete'. Please import your digital certificate to an Internet Explorer Browser and follow the instructions provided by clicking here.

Learn More About: Customer Assistance and Training: Notifications UPC-A Data Submission

If you are submitting an eOffer:
  1. Have you reviewed the solicitation you want to make an offer against?
  2. Have you passed the "Pathways to Success" training?
  3. Did you get your DUNS number?
  4. Have you registered with SAM (formerly CCR and ORCA)?
  5. Have you applied for a digital certificate?
  6. If you have done all of the above, enter "eOffer" at the right.
If you are submitting an eMod:
  1. Do you already have a digital certificate?
  2. Is your DUNS number and Contract number available?
  3. Are you an authorized negotiator on the contract?
  4. Schedule specific mod requirements
  5. You may now submit the mod...

Contract Offers (eOffers)

> Prepare and submit eOffer
> Continue working on saved eOffer
> Edit submitted eOffer

Contract Modifications (eMods)

> Prepare and submit modification request
> Continue working on saved modification request
> Edit submitted modification request

FAS Sales Reporting

> Report transactional sales data
> Make fee payments

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