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Ethics Program Tracking System Ethics Program Tracking System
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NASA’s Ethics Program Tracking System (EPTS)

Automate and Simplify Financial Disclosures

The Ethics Program Tracking System (EPTS) is a web-based service that enables users to electronically file, track, and review Federal Financial Disclosure Forms including:
  • Confidential Financial Disclosure OGE-450
  • Confidential Certificate of No New Interests OGE-450A
  • Public Financial Disclosure
  • And Periodic Transaction Report OGE-278-T

The EPTS software is currently being used successfully by more than 8,900 NASA employees required to file OGE-450’s and more than 600 NASA OGE-278 filers. The NSSC’s EPTS team has received NASA’s Group Achievement Award in recognition of the many improvements the system has made to NASA filing and review processes.

File the OGE-450, OGE-450A, OGE-278, and OGE-278-T

  • The secure, web-based electronic system allows filers to complete their forms at work or at home
  • The electronic system gives filers easy access to instructions and examples to help them complete the form
  • Filers can save their work, logout during any part of the process, and log back in to continue filing at a later time
  • After completing the form, filers can sign it digitally then route it to the appropriate legal office for review. All of this is done in the electronic system. No forms need to be mailed, filed, or otherwise physically handled
  • The filer’s form is stored securely in the electronic system via PDF format for future reference
  • Filers may access and print a PDF copy at any time
  • After a filer has filed once, future forms will be easier to complete because the form will be pre-populated with the filer’s previous personal and financial information.

Review the OGE-450, OGE-450A, OGE-278, and OGE-278-T

  • All forms are stored instantly in the system, so retrieval of a specific form is fast and easy
  • Time-stamps occur automatically
  • Mass emails can easily be sent and tracked
  • Reporting is automated
  • Cautionary letters are easy to send and are recorded immediately in the system
  • Attachments can be uploaded to a filer’s form
  • Ability for attorney to note corrections to holdings on filer submission

OGE-450, OGE-450A, OGE-278, and OGE-278-T Resources, Support and Assistance

  • Customer Contact Center Support
  • IT and Functional Support
  • Cautionary Letter Builder
  • OGE-450A Filing Capability
  • Pre-Populates Next Year’s Forms
  • Comprehensive reporting features to improve Agency filer management including a Quick View of OGE Annual Questionnaire Counts

Additional System Features

  • Minimum Desktop Dependencies (Web Browser and Adobe Reader)
  • Ability to Interface with Agency Authentication, Payroll and Training Systems
  • Can Support Paper Filing/Reviewing Process when Required