Welcome to the NASA Launch Services Program (LSP) Performance Web Site

This site is hosted by the Flight Dynamics Branch of the NASA Launch Services Program (LSP) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and is provided as a source of general information regarding the launch vehicle performance available via existing NASA contracts. The data contained herein represents the minimum performance that is contractually obligated. Please use caution and note the underlying launch vehicle configuration and mission design assumptions associated with the performance plots as the site is updated when new information becomes available. Mission unique requirements often necessitate additional analysis and will impact the performance levels. For further information, contact LSP Personnel.

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This site is not intended to support missions that have already been awarded a launch service. If you are visiting this site with regard to one of the following missions, contact the assigned LSP Mission Manager to obtain mission specific performance analysis support:

  • GOES-R
  • JPSS-1
  • ICESat-2
  • GOES-S
  • TESS
  • ICON
  • Solar Orbiter
  • InSight
  • Solar Probe Plus (SPP)
  • TDRS-M

NLS-II 2015/2016 On-Ramp Updates Have Been Completed

Contractual updates have recently been finalized for the Antares, Delta IV Heavy and Falcon launch vehicles. The following updates have been made to the vehicle data on this site:

  • We have removed Athena data.
  • The Antares 100 series has been replaced by the 200 series, which utilizes the RD-181 engines for the first stage. We have added data/information for the Antares 230, 231 and 232 configurations.
  • The Falcon 9 v1.1 has been replaced with the Falcon 9 Full Thrust, including the performance effects of various first stage recovery options. The NLS-II contract includes two options for the Falcon 9 Full Thrust: Recovery via return-to-launch-site and recovery via drone ship landing; SpaceX does not currently offer an expendable option for this vehicle.
  • The Falcon Heavy has been added, including options for both an expendable vehicle and one in which the first stage is recovered.
  • Delta IV Heavy data has been updated with performance adjustments from United Launch Alliance.