EXPRESS - Expedite the Process of Experiments for Space Station


EXPRESS facilities (EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments for Space Station) were developed based on the philosophy of getting small payloads to the International Space Station with a shortened integration time.

There are currently eight EXPRESS facilities installed on Space Station.  Each of these can accommodate ten (10) standard-sized small experiments, supplying them with power conversion and distribution, data and video distribution, nitrogen supply and exhaust distribution, and thermal control interfaces.  
The EXPRESS Rack concept provides the capability for a simple and shortened integration template.

EXPRESS Facilities 1 and 2 launched April 19, 2001.
EXPRESS Facilities  4 and 5 launched  August 10, 2001.
EXPRESS Facility  3 launched June 5, 2002.
EXPRESS Facility 6 launched November 14, 2008.
EXPRESS Facility 7 launched April 5, 2010.
EXPRESS Facility 8 Launched February 24, 2011.


Visit: International Space Station National Laboratory

For more information, please contact:

EXPRESS Project Manager: Sean Thompson 
(256) 544-5592