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Welcome to the NRCS

Important Announcement for AWDB Web Service Users

Attention Programmers: On Thursday, March 31, 2016, the Air-Water Database (AWDB) Web Service moved from the Portland, OR, data center to a new server at the National Information Technical Center in Kansas City, MO. Most users of the AWDB Web Service are being automatically redirected from the Portland server to the Kansas City server and no action is necessary.

However, some users whose systems do not support redirected urls may not see this change. These users will need to change the WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) url from the old location to the new WSDL url location. For more information on changing the url to the AWDB Web Service, click here.

Important Announcement for ftp Users

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, the USDA discontinued direct ftp (file transfer protocol) access to National Water and Climate Center servers for users outside the USDA firewall. Bookmarks, hyperlinks, and saved urls with the following path: ftp://ftp.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/ will no longer resolve. Users with these bookmarks should change their links from the ftp url to the http url: http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/ftpref/. For more information on changing urls, click here.

Interactive Map Release 2.0 includes current conditions, more reports

interactive map
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Check out Release 2.0 of our interactive map. In addition to providing easy navigation to NRCS and other network monitoring stations, the map now displays current and historical conditions for snow water equivalent, snow depth, precipitation, streamflow, and reservoir storage. Simply click on a site to get station information, summary statistics, and access to reports. Use the ‘Give us feedback’ button if you have comments or suggestions. Or for more information, go to the Interactive Map Help Center.

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