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Sheriff Robert W Rost

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Attention Traffic Safety Friends!
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of North Dakota’s deadliest crimes. Already this year, nearly 50 percent of the lives lost in traffic crashes have been related to alcohol. This is both a statewide and national epidemic.

Driving under the influence continues to be responsible for the killing and maiming of thousands of Americans each year. It has been a source of serious concern and one of the primary areas of focus for public information and education. We invite you to join the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, North Dakota Department of Transportation, Office of Traffic Safety, law enforcement and other traffic safety advocates to “crack down” on individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and get them off our roadways.

Seat belts save lives!
-In 2007, 65 of the 97 individuals killed in traffic crashes were not wearing their seat belts. That’s nearly 70 percent!
-Everything about vehicle design is done with safety in mind.
-Why would someone want to leave the ‘engineered life space' for an environment of concrete, rocks, posts and a vehicle that could roll over you?

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