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Curator: James Milne
Responsible NASA Official: James Milne
Developed by: Systems Engineering and Development Division, Code 750
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Mishap Reporting Module. A NASA Mishap form needs to be completed every
time a Mishap occurs on GSFC grounds. This includes any mishaps anomalies
conformances, etc. that result in property damage and/or personal injury.
Consult NPG 8621.1
Spacecraft Orbital Anomaly Reporting. Provides anomaly data to technical admin-
strators and assignees about GSFC spacecraft while in orbit.
Nonconformance Reporting/Corrective Action System. Provides nonconformance
data about GSFC products and services.
Problem Reporting/Problem Failure Reporting. Provides system and quality
assurance engineers, and project and system assurance managers with access
to anomaly information about GSFC pre-launched projects from an automated
central point.
Safety & Environmental Module. Provides Safety- or Environmental-related
problem data to technical administrators and assignees. (This application has been disabled. It is no longer in use.)