Remediation rates up slightly for 2014-15 academic year

Despite a small increase in the percent of students requiring remediation in 2014-15, there have been pockets of positive and incremental movement in the right direction towards all college students being ready and successful, with the ultimate hope of earning a credential. Read the Press Release and Report.

30 percent of 11th & 12th graders participated in dual enrollment programs

Nearly 30 percent of Colorado’s 11th-graders and 12th-graders participated in some type of dual enrollment program during the 2014-15 school year – an increase of 15 percent over the previous year -- according to the 2014-15 concurrent enrollment report. Read the Press Release.

College enrollment rate for high school graduates improves

This year’s Postsecondary Success and Outcomes Report finds that the graduates of the 2014 high school class enrolled at postsecondary institutions at a higher rate than the previous class – the first time this has been observed since 2009. Steady improvements in first year college performance have been observed, as well. Additional information can be found in the Report.

What's new

Heritage College - The Department’s Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) was notified on Nov. 1 that Heritage College discontinued all instruction effective immediately. Students are encouraged to check the school's website as well as the Division's website for updates as they become available.

Regency Beauty Institute Closure - The Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) was notified on September 29, 2016, that Regency Beauty Institute discontinued all instruction effective September 28, 2016. The Division is working diligently to assist students. We are working closely with Regency Beauty Institute to identify currently enrolled and attending students or students that may have been on a leave of absence. We are also working closely with the school’s accrediting commission, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (“NACCAS”), to establish train-out opportunities. Click here for important updates regarding the closing of Regency Beauty Institute as more information is received by DPOS.


CCHE Meeting
Time: December 1, 2016 1:00pm
Location:Emily Griffith Technical College 1860 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

CollegeInvest Board Meeting
Time:November 17, 2016 1:00pm
Location: TBD

ITT Tech Closure - With any school closure, the department’s primary concern is the students and their education. We are pleased that a number of Colorado public and private institutions have expressed an interest in serving these students, and the department will facilitate and assist with such agreements when possible. Click here to read important information regarding the closing of ITT Tech.

Rural Outreach RFP Available - Proposals are being accepted for a project centering on rural education recruiting and development. All submissions are due by Friday, Oct. 21. The RFP is open to all Colorado DHE- and CDE-approved educator preparation programs. Learn more.

2015 Remedial Report Available - The number of Colorado high school graduates needing remediation when entering college increased slightly in 2014-2015 over the previous year from 34.2 percent to 35.4 percent, according to this year’s remediation report. That amounts to 7,472 students needing remediation. The entire report can be found here.

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  • Remedial Education - Remedial courses cost students time and money, do not result in course credit and are a known barrier to student success.
  • Workforce outcomes - Find out what we're doing to make sure high school graduates are ready for college or the workforce, and what salaries they earn with what degrees
  • Guaranteed transfer - Colorado has many guided degree pathways and general education core courses guaranteed to transfer
  • Concurrent enrollment - Get the latest statistics showing one in five Colorado high school students is taking college classes
  • Colorado Completes! A new campaign celebrates programs at Colorado's campuses that are moving the needle on student success as demonstrated through convincing data.
  • Collective Impact Initiative Grants Ideas from the 2015 Attainment Gap Roundtable Series created a new grant opportunity from CDHE and the Scholarship Initiative. Click to learn more.

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