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KSC Spacecraft Fueling Service

Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center Spacecraft Fueling Service

The KSC fueling service is an efficient, flexible, and comprehensive solution that provides

  • Hypergolic propellant-compatible ground support equipment
  • Detailed operating procedures
  • The Spacecraft Fueling Team, a group of personnel trained and experienced in the safe and accurate loading of spacecraft propulsion systems


  • The service is available to NASA, NASA-funded, and other U.S government funded missions. The service may be available to domestic nongovernmental entities through a Reimbursable Space Act Agreement.
  • To date, the service has been provided to nine missions (see our history page)

Mission Planning and Requirements Development

  • The Spacecraft Fueling Team works with customers well in advance of fueling operations to develop, document, fully understand and ensure compliance with mission-specific requirements.

Flexibility and Mission-Specific Process Tailoring

  • The Fueling Team’s ground support equipment and procedures are versatile, accommodating varied spacecraft propulsion system configurations.
  • The ground support equipment is mobile and self-contained, allowing the support of processing operations at KSC, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, adjacent commercial facilities, and at other sites around the country as required.