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Launch Party: Join the Fun!

Atlas 5 rocket

Atlas 5 rocket

Landsat's 40 year legacy continues on February 11, 2013 as the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) prepares for launch.  Plan your own launch party with these resources and watch live on NASA TV as LDCM soars to its place in space.

Host an Event!

  • Join the online conversation

  • Plan your party using easy to follow steps

  • Customize your party to your audience

  • Pick and choose from many resources and activities

There are activities and decorations in the launch kit to make your party fun for all ages. Be creative with your party and invite your friends or people from your community. Watch the launch and launch events live, including talks from NASA scientists and engineers. You don't need to be at launch to have a great time. Everything you need to host a great party and join in the launch fun is here at your fingertips.

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