Welcome to the Leadership Competency Assessment, a tool created to provide federal leaders and aspiring leaders with developmental feedback on their proficiency level on the competencies that comprise the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ). The Leadership Competency Assessment is designed to identify your leadership strengths and developmental needs. The results of this assessment are for your personal developmental purposes and can be used to help identify training and development opportunities, such as courses offered through OPM's Management Development Centers.

The Leadership Competency Assessment is comprised of six assessment modules, one module for each of the five ECQs, plus the fundamental competencies. The questions within each assessment module are a combination of situation-based judgment questions and self-rating questions designed to assess the competencies that underlie that particular ECQ.

It is recommended that you complete all six assessment modules to gain a complete understanding of your leadership strengths and developmental areas; however, you may complete a subset of the assessment modules. You will receive scores and feedback for each ECQ assessment you complete in the form of a feedback report you may print or download.

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