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List Description
21stcenturygeneralinformation 21st Century Scholars
Atc Around The Circle
BDRO Bridge Deficiency Read Out
Billedawards SFA
Calendarquarter SFA
Ccprobation [no description available]
CHEpublicmeetingsandevents CHE
Chips SFA
CountyBridges Bridge Inspection Announcements (county & state)
Ctap Compliance and Technical Assistance Program
Dcs-daniellearnold DCS Danielle Arnold's list
DesignConsultants INDOT Bridge and Highway Design Information
DFR1 DFR Region 1 Employees
DFR10 DFR Region 10 Employees
DFR11 DFR Region 11 Employees
DFR2 DFR Region 2 Employees
DFR3 DFR Region 3 Employees
DFR4 DFR Region 4 Employees
DFR5 DFR Region 5 Employees
DFR6 DFR Region 6 Employees
DFR7 DFR Region 7 Employees
DFR8 DFR Region 8 Employees
DFR9 DFR Region 9 Employees
DFRALL DFR All Employees
DFRCentral DFR Central Office Employees
DFRPilotTest DFR Pilot Test
DFRQA DFR QA Employees
Dlgfgeninfo DLGF General Information
Dnr-coastal-announce Coastal Resource Discussion Forum
Dnr-coastal-discuss Coastal Grant Discussion List
Dnr-theatres Preservation of Historic Theaters
eblr Executive Branch Lobbyist Mailing List
Efsmailinglist IURC
Ehdiaudslist1 EHDI Auds List1
Ehdiaudslist2 EHDI Auds List2
Environmentalservices INDOT Environmental Services Information
Epro-receiver ePro Receiver
Epro-users ePro Users
eResources eResources in Indiana Libraries
Evergreen_eContent Support for Evergreen Indiana eContent Resources
Evergreen_Indiana-catalog Support for EI Catalogers
Evergreen_Indiana_Updates Updates and Administrative Information
Evergreen_Reports Indiana Evergreen Reports
Evergreen_Support Evergreen Indiana Member Tech Support
EvergreenResources Evergreen Indiana Patron Services Support List
fdlpinl Federal Depository Library Program Indiana Listserv
Financialaiddirectors SFA
flagnotification List for Lowering the Flags to Half Staff
Fusioncentral Central Indiana (Including but not limited to Districts 4, 5, 6 and 7)
Fusionsouth Southern Indiana (Including, but not limited to, Districts 8, 9 and 10)
Generalfinancialaidinformation SFA
Governmentinformationday2015 Government Information Day 2015
Govindianapolismedia Indianapolis Media
Head-proc-agents Head Procurement Agents
Hrc-TBreedDev Thoroughbred Breed Development
Hscounselors SFA
Idem-ag IDEM Agriculture Email List
Idem-all IDEM All Rulemaking Board Information
Idem-apcb IDEM Air Pollution Control Board Listserv
Idem-environmentaljustice IDEM Enivronmental Justice
Idem-fab IDEM Financial Assurance Board Listserv
Idem-leakingust [no description available]
Idem-macs-central [no description available]
Idem-macs-indiana IDEM - ENews - All of Indiana
Idem-macs-northcentral IDEM - ENews - North Central
Idem-macs-northeast [no description available]
Idem-macs-northwest IDEM - ENews - Northwest
Idem-macs-southern IDEM - ENews - Southern
Idem-macs-southwest IDEM - ENews - Southwest
Idem-macs-westcentral IDEM - ENews - Westcentral
Idem-risc [no description available]
Idem-schoolnewseducators [no description available]
Idem-schoolnewsprincipals IDEM School News for Administrators
Idem-swmb IDEM Solid Waste Management Board Listserv
Idem-watersheds [no description available]
Idem-wpcb IDEM Water Pollution Control Board Listserv
idoa-dapw-elevator IDOA DAPW Elevator
Idoa-proc-travel-card-announcements IDOA P/T Card Announcements
Idoa-scm-users IDOA SCM Users
Idoa-travel IDOA Travel Notices
Idoetest [no description available]
IMN IMN listserv
In-rofr URC in-rofr list
Inbookclub InBookClub List
Inchildprog [no description available]
INDC Indiana State Data Center
Indiana-j-1-waiver [no description available]
Indianalegacy [no description available]
Indianatrauma State Trauma Registry Newsletter
Indot-borman INDOT Borman Expressway Updates
Indot-certifieddbe [no description available]
Indot-CESconsultants INDOT Consultant Trns*port CES Users
indot-contracts INDOT Contract Information
Indot-enhancements Transportation Enhancements Program Information
Indot-erms ERMS Communication
Indot-legalnotices INDOT Legal Notices
Indot-lpa INDOT LPA Information
INDOT-Pavement INDOT-Pavement
Indot-planning INDOT Planning Information
indot-procurement INDOT Procurement Mailing List
Indot-rfp INDOT Request for Proposals
Indot-sitemanager [no description available]
Indot-tip-stip TIP/STIP Users Group
Infoexpress [no description available]
Infoil For the Friends of Indiana libraries to connect with one another and to discuss the many ideas, issues and solutions facing libraries in Indiana
Inhorseracing Indiana Horse Racing Commission
INK-GovComm INK Governance Committee
INK-ResearchGroup INK Research Group
INK-TechnicalGroup INK Technical Group
INlibraries Indiana Libraries Listserv
INpublib [no description available]
Inshareill [no description available]
INsmalllib Indiana Libraries Listserv
Instilibs Institutional Libraries List
Isdh_lhdusers Isdh_lhdusers
Ispcivilians ISP Civilians List
IWC-R01 Indiana Works Councils Region 01
Lg-countycommissioners LG - County Commissioners
Lg-mayors LG - Mayors
Lg-nlga-contacts-2015 LG ~ NLGA Contacts 2015
Lg-townshiptrustees LG - Township Trustees
Libraryattorneys Libraryattorneys
LibraryPR [no description available]
MammoTechs ISDH
Marion92 Marion County Listserv
Marionbiz Marion County Listserv
Minorityteachergrant SFA
Mitchdanielsscholarship SFA
Mscounselors SFA
Nursinggrant SFA
O3watch-central IDEM Smog Watch - Central Region
O3watch-ncentral IDEM Smog Watch - Northcentral Region
O3watch-ne IDEM - Smog Watch - Northeast Region
O3watch-nw IDEM - Smog Watch - Northwest Region
O3watch-south IDEM - Smog Watch - Southern Region
O3watch-sw IDEM - Smog Watch - Southwest Region
O3watch-west IDEM - Smog Watch - Western Region
Obesitysummit [no description available]
Ofbci Serve Indiana
Ofbci-contacts OFBCI Contacts
oppta-grants-forum OPPTA Grants Forum
Outofstatecolleges SFA
Parentcoordinator SFA
Part-timegrants SFA
Privateinstitutions SFA
proc-agents Procurement Agents
Proprietarycolleges SFA
psoft-proc-users [no description available]
Psoft-users Peoplesoft Users
Publicinstitutions SFA
Qa-bulletins Quality Assurance Bulletins for Division of Aging
Regionalsupportsitestaff SFA
Rsccouncils [no description available]
Ruthtest Ruth Testing New List
Seas SFA
Semesterinstitutions SFA
Sitecoordinator SFA
Spdmanagementtraining SPD Management Training
SPRvolunteer State Parks and Reservoirs Volunteer listserv
State-webmasters-l [no description available]
Stateaudsedited State Auds Edited
Statephysicianlist1 State Physician List1
Statephysicianlist2 State Physician List2
Statephysicianlist3 State Physician List3
Studentcoordinator SFA
Trimesterinstitutions SFA
Trinews [no description available]
Trustees For trustees of Indiana Public Libraries
Wildbulletin Wild Bulletin
Workmanagementsystem Work Management System Information
Xgradsandestudent SFA
YAPPERS [no description available]

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