LSS Administration contact:
Kevin Pierce

Legislative Building
Room 102
Olympia, WA 98504

The Office of Legislative Support Services (LSS) began operations on July 1, 2012 with a mission to consolidate House and Senate support functions, improve delivery and quality of services, standardize practices, achieve cost savings, and provide enhanced services to the legislature and all of the legislative agencies.

LSS oversees the Legislative Information Center (LIC) & Hotline, Legislative Gift Center, Video Production Services, Photography, the creation of print & web graphics, audio & video technical support, and services for your printing, copying or mailing needs. LSS also provides office supplies, ergonomic support, moving and office set-up, picture hanging, small repairs in your work areas, and first response for concerns about your work area comfort.

Please call us with any questions or suggestions about how we can help you succeed.


Outlook address book: Facilities, 786-7012
102 Legislative Building

The Legislative Support Services Facilities office handles day-to-day facility needs such as heating, lighting, custodial services, repairs, etc. This office also serves as a liaison to Department of Enterprise Services. Key areas of support include coordinating any remodeling, signage, redecorating, refurnishing of legislative offices, or resolving issues with building plumbing, heating/cooling, elevators, windows, doors, vending machines and water dispensers.

If you have issues or concerns at all regarding your work space or Legislative building, contact the Facilities office and we will coordinate with the appropriate LSS staff or state agency to address your needs.

 Design & Web Services

Graphics, Web and Design
Outlook address book: Graphics, 786-7703
Washington Building
Design services
Design services

We have a talented group of professional graphic artists available to assist you with a variety of design and web needs. Common services include:

  • Member or staff stationery
  • electronic letterhead
  • name placards
  • Newsletters
  • district maps or signage
  • brochures or handouts
  • creating and mounting posters for members or committee hearings.

Newsletters, mailers, flyers and handouts

Member Newsletters, Govt. Guides, Postcards, Town Hall Meeting Cards, Flyers and Handouts for print and electronic delivery can be created in a variety of formats and colors.


Send us your stationery requests using the Stationery Request Form (above). Business cards, letterhead, notepads, response cards, FYI cards, Hotline letterhead, and electronic letterhead is available for members as well as business cards and notepads for staff.

Charts, graphs and posters

Charts and graphs for inclusion into newsletters
Charts or graphs intended for use in newsletters or other publications can be created in Excel or PowerPoint and those files e-mailed to LSS Graphic Services or the raw data can be sent and the chart or graph created by LSS Graphic Services. For quick turn around and short deadlines send us the Excel or PowerPoint file. If we have enough lead time, LSS Graphic Services can create a sharper reproduction at higher resolution from the raw data.

Charts and graphs for posters
For charts or graphs intended to be enlarged for posters, a sharper, high resolution product can be achieved by having LSS Graphic Services create the chart or graph from the raw data. However, we can use the Excel or PowerPoint files if time is tight; this just results in a somewhat rougher reproduction.

Posters for hearings, press conferences, town hall meetings
With our design capabilities and large format printers, laminators and mounting presses, poster size charts, graphs, signage and visual aids can be produced for a wide variety of uses.

Member electronic signatures

PIOs need to have all new Members scribe their signature on a clean white sheet of paper several times, preferably with a new very fine tip felt pen (ball point pens skip and, as a result, don’t scan well. Sharpies leave a line that is too thick to look good). Then send the signature sheet, through campus mail, to LSS Graphic Services. We will scan it and create an electronic version for use in newsletters. We can also e-mail an electronic copy to the PIO or LA for letters, e-mails, etc. When the PIO or LA receives the electronic signature, the signature should be saved to their computer before it can be used in documents. Creating a signatures folder in the My Documents directory and saving the signature there is one possibility.

To use the signature in a Word or e-mail document
With the document opened in Word, or the e-mail opened in Outlook, put the blinking text cursor where you want the signature to appear. With the Insert tab highlighted, click on Picture in the Illustrations section. A dialog box will appear. Navigate to the signatures folder in the My Documents directory (or whichever folder the signature was saved into), select the signature (the naming convention is [member’s last name]-sig.jpg) and click the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog box. The signature should appear in the document or e-mail where the blinking cursor was located.

Member electronic letterhead

LSS Graphic Services can create electronic member letterhead templates for Word and Outlook e-mail documents. Call or e-mail one of us to request this (please specify which version you are requesting, Word, e-mail or both as the two template building processes vary). We will create the header and footer, place them in a Word or e-mail template and e-mail the letterhead template to you.

To open a new document in Word using this template
In Word, click on the “File” tab in the upper left corner of the Word window, click “New”, then click “My templates,” the letterhead template will show up in the dialog box and you can use it to open new documents.

To open a new e-mail document in Outlook using this template Select tab “Home/New Items” then “More Items/Choose Form.” A dialog box will appear. In the “Look In:” field, select “User Templates in File System”. Highlight the template in the main field of the dialog box. Click the Open button at the lower right.


LSS Graphic Services can create certificates for recognizing outstanding achievement in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, academics and athletics, civic and other activities of merit.

Websites, web graphics and electronic publications

LSS Graphic Services designs and creates websites, web pages, banners, web icons, event web content and e-newsletters. We also maintain the House and Senate Internet and Intranet sites, the History of the State Legislature and the Page School Internet sites.

 Production Services

Printing, Copying and Mail Services
Outlook address book: Print, 786-7515
Outlook address book: Mailroom, 786-7704
Washington Building
Production Services
Production Services
Production Services

We have professional printing press, copying and mail staff who copy or print most every business card, letterhead and bill-related documents you see on the Legislative campus, as well as, pick up and deliver mail and packages for House and Senate staff. A sampling of our services include:

  • Quick print copies in color or black ink
  • various types of book binding
  • Laminating
  • printing on tabs for book binders
  • paper deliveries.
  • USPS or UPS first class and interoffice mail
  • Folding
  • large or small mailings
  • addressing envelopes
  • inserting envelopes
  • district office mail or special mail delivery requests

Print/Copy Requests

Send us your printing and copying requests using the Copy Center Order Form. Please use the Special Instructions box for any requirements not covered on the form, and do not hesitate to call us at x7715 with any questions you may have.


Production Services offers a wide range of finishing options such as folding, laminating, and a variety of book binding choices. Please call us at x7715 to discuss your specific needs.

Mail Services

Please call x7704 with questions relating to daily mail issues including pick-up and delivery of first class and campus mail, shipping options/scheduling and district address changes.

 Photography Services

Outlook address book: Photography, 786-7171
LL1 Pritchard Building

Legislative Photo Gallery

The Legislative Support Services Photography department provides professional photography service for the Washington State House of Representatives, Senate, and all other Legislative sub-agencies. Our primary mission is to create a photojournalistic record of the legislative activities and events for the state of Washington. We primarily photograph and provide services for:

  • Legislative business, including floor action and committee meetings
  • Members with various constituents, visitors, pages, schools, etc.
  • Member’s official portrait
  • Bill signing ceremonies
  • Fulfill photo print orders
  • Maintain and update the legislative archive of photographs
  • Supply photographs for legislative staff, public and news agencies

Services for Members & Communications Staff
  • Document legislative members during floor action, at committee hearings, caucuses, press conferences, rallies, meetings, speaking to groups and schools, etc.
  • Photograph members with various individuals and visiting groups including: pages, constituents, schools, lobbying groups, etc.
  • Take official portraits of members.
  • Photograph bill signing ceremonies.
  • Fulfill requests from and supply images for members, legislative staff, communications staff, caucus staff, and the office of the Lieutenant Governor.
  • Maintain an ongoing archive of photos.
  • Supply a steady stream of stock images for communications staff.
  • Supply photos for news agencies and the public upon request.

Services for Legislative Staff and Interns
  • Once per session photograph each member with their legislative assistants and intern.
  • Once per session photograph each Committee Chairs with Committee Staff.
  • Once per session take a group photo of each Caucus Staff, each LA staff, each SA staff, and interns.

Services for Pages
  • Once each week during session take a group photo of the pages.
  • Photograph each page with their sponsoring member.

Purchasing Photos
  • A photo order form must be filled out. 5x7 prints $5 each; 8x10 prints, $8 each; digital JPEG image $5. Once a JPEG has been purchased prints may be made from that image.
  • Members or staff wishing to utilize LSS photos for anything other than official legislative use must purchase them.

Photo Usage and Integrity

Legislative photographs, including digital images, are provided as a courtesy or, where applicable, pursuant to Washington’s Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.17). Where attribution is appropriate, credit may be given as, “Photo courtesy of Washington State Legislative Support Services.” The legislature maintains photographs as historical records and, as such, has a policy prohibiting their alteration or manipulation. Also the assigned name, number, and IPTC of legislative photographs may not be altered or changed.

 Video Services

Outlook address book: Video, 786-7724
B15 Cherberg Building
Video Services
Video Services
Video Services

The Legislative Support Services Video department provide professional videography services for the Washington State House of Representatives, Senate, and all other Legislative sub-agencies. Primary services include:

  • “Legislative Updates”
  • “Senate Sessions”
  • Newscast recording
  • Interviews for TV Stations
  • Greetings, notices and conference addresses
  • District tour videos
  • History shows
  • Campus tours videos
  • Training videos

Session Productions

Legislative Updates & Senate Sessions
During session, we produce weekly legislative updates for legislators. Legislative Update (Senate Sessions for senators) is a three to five minute video message from a legislator to their constituents and is distributed to the legislator’s website and the district’s local cable access television stations. It is an excellent opportunity for legislators to provide important information to their constituents without being edited down to a half-sentence news sound-bite.

Newscast recording
Year-round, the LSS Video Department records morning and evening newscasts aired by KOMO, KING, KIRO and Q13. Other programs (TVW, PBS, CNN, FOX, etc.) can be recorded if requested in advance of the broadcast. Upon request, clips from a show (or the entire show) can then be provided to legislators and staff in DVD format.

Greetings, notices, and conference addresses
The video department can shoot and edit messages from legislators to groups as well (i.e. “Wish I could be there for this important conference on alien abduction, but I’m here in Olympia working hard for all of you…..”)

Interviews for TV stations
News stations from around the state sometimes ask the video department to interview a legislator (with specific questions) to be used during a news broadcast. If the legislator wishes to participate, the video department can provide that service and send the interview to the news station.

Interim Productions

The types of video productions vary greatly during interim and have included the following:

  • District tours
  • In small quantities, we duplicate videotapes of legislative interest for member use.
  • History shows
  • Campus tours
  • Training videos

We are located in the John A Cherberg building, B-15


Outlook address book: Supply, 786-7022
B13 Cherberg Building
Supply and Operations
Supply and Operations
Supply and Operations

We provide all of your office consumables from staplers, tablets and pens to 3-ring binders and printer/copier paper. We work closely with the Administration & Facilities office to address most office-related issues such as picture hanging, furniture moves or repairs, and small wall patchwork and painting. Additionally,
we are pleased to provide ergonomic assessments for your workspace.

 Technology & Audio-Video Support

Audio/Video Services
Tech A/V
Tech A/V
Tech A/V

The Legislative Support Services Technology and A/V staff provide the following services for the Washington State House of Representatives, Senate, and all other Legislative sub-agencies:

  • Design, install, support and maintain A/V technology in legislative-managed facilities such as House and Senate hearing rooms and chambers, and a variety of legislative conference rooms
  • Digital audio recording
  • Audio sound system setup and operation
  • Videoconferencing services

 Legislative Information Center

Legislative Information Center & Hotline
106 Legislative Building, 786-7573


The Legislative Information Center provides copies of legislative documents, answers questions from the public about the legislative process and current legislative activities and offers variety of classes designed to help the public to become better acquainted with the legislature and its operations.

Most of these publications are available without charge; however, certain documents are available to the public for a fee or on a subscription basis. Documents available from the Legislative Information Center include:

  • Bills, Bill Reports, and Amendments
  • Floor Calendars
  • Daily Status Sheets and Committee Schedules
  • Digests and Supplements
  • Education documents like a Glossary of Terms, How a Bill Becomes a Law,
    How to Testify, and print, audio and video tutorials
  • District and Campus Maps
  • Interim Committee Reports
  • Roll Call Transcripts
  • Legislative Reports and other end of session documents
  • Legislative Manuals
  • Pictorial Guides, Telephone Directories and other rosters
  • and many others . . .

The Legislature also provides a toll-free HOTLINE (1-800-562-6000) which citizens throughout the state can use as a vehicle to communicate with their district legislators at no personal cost. The Hotline has Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY) equipment, which allows persons who are hearing impaired to communicate with legislators and staff (1-800-635-9993). Hotline operators respond to inquiries about the status of bills, bill requests, and committee meetings. Messages taken by the operators are routed via computer network to members’ offices. During session, Hotline operators work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. During interim the hotline is staffed from Monday through Friday, only, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 Legislative Gift Center

Gift Center
Outlook address book: Gift Center, 786-1889
106 Legislative Building
Gift Center
Gift Center
Gift Center

Gift Center
Gift Center
Gift Center

We specialize in locating and promoting unique work and products of citizens from all over Washington’s rural communities, towns and cities. Some of our services include:

  • Delivery to locations on campus during session
  • Gift wrapping
  • Fresh flowers available during session
  • Specialized gift baskets
  • Gift mailing off campus
  • Special orders

 LSS Job Opportunities
Current Opportunities

The Legislative Support Services A/V and Technology staff provide the following services for the Washington State House of Representatives, Senate, and all other Legislative sub-agencies: