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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
NASA Research Gives New Insights into How the Moon Got  Inked

A powerful combination of observations and computer simulations is giving new clues to how the moon got its mysterious "tattoos" -- swirling patterns of light and dark found at over a hundred locations across the lunar surface.

Ancient Polar Ice Reveals Tilting of Earth's Moon

New NASA-funded research provides evidence that the spin axis of Earth's moon shifted by about five degrees roughly three billion years ago. The evidence of this motion is recorded in the distribution of ancient lunar ice, evidence of delivery of water to the early solar system.

Data Users Workshop

The LRO Data Users Workshop was held March 15, 2015 at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Get this years schedule and view presentations from past workshops here.

Lunar Workshops for Educators

Grade 6-9 science teachers are invited this summer to participate in a workshop focused on lunar science, exploration, and how our understanding of the Moon is growing and changing with new data from current and recent lunar missions.

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