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Posoh Mawawnew Weyak!

Back to school time is such a busy time for families, we are settling into a routine now and are adjusting to Fall!   Pawahan Kesoq brings many activities, we are busy at MTS.

Congratualations MTS!  The BIE selected to highlight MTS on their website!  The Bureau visited MTS Sept 15th.  We are so proud of Mrs. Tiffany Reiter-Media was interviewed and her educational history will be featured on the BIE website and video!  AWESOME Mrs. Reiter-Medina we are so proud of you!

 Our top 10 easy steps now to get the school year off to a great start:

  1.  Keep a family calendar.  Mark each family member’s activities in a different color.
  2.  Plan for after-school activities.  Schedule adequate time for homework, play, sports, clubs and family time. 
  3.  Create a Launch Pad. Designate a spot where school things like backpacks, and homework always go to avoid last-minute scrambles in the morning.
  4.  Establish a family reading time.  
  5.  After-School plans.  School gets out before most working parents get home, so it’s important to figure out where your children will go or who will be home in the afternoons.
  6.  Stock a study area for your child.  Provide paper, pencils, a dictionary and other needed supplies.
  7.  Set up a file for school notices so they won’t get misplaced.
  8.  Keep an eye on recreational screen time.  Monitor the time your child spends watching TV, playing electronic games, texting, and surfing the Internet.  Set a firm rule that homework and chores come before screen time.  Be sure that she has plenty of time to read, exercise and just relax.
  9.  Update your contacts by collecting important phone numbers, such as numbers for the school office, after-school program and a neighbor.  Post them along with current work, doctor and other emergency contact numbers.
  10. Make a backup plan.  Find another parent who will exchange school carpool favors-in case you get sick or delayed by work or traffic.

Important dates for your calendar:

  • MAPS Testing begins the week of Monday September 12th it is very important for your child to attend school during designated testing days.
  • Hansen Fundraiser days-All proceeds go toward our student activity fund all money and orders are due Friday Sept 23rd.
  • Wild rice is our theme of our September Culture Calendar-Rice parching & threshing begins.
  • Back to School Pow-wow Sept 29th from 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • No School for students Friday Sept 30th-Student mid-quarter.

The ride to Neopit is beautiful this time of year, hope to see you soon.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (715) 756-2354 ext. 2621.


Lori L. Corn, MTS Principal


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