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About DHHS Open Window
Open Window captures important information on all DHHS services, programs and the contracts that support those services. Open Window also contains key planning and performance information for DHHS as well as for our divisions and offices.
Through Open Window, you will see what services, programs and contracts are provided, how they are funded; and whether our performance is producing results for our customers.
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All North Carolinians will enjoy optimal health and well-being.


The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with its partners, protects the health and safety of all North Carolinians and provides essential human services.


When all DHHS employees adhere to the following values, all North Carolinians will view DHHS as the best managed agency in state government:

  • Customer-focused. North Carolinians are the center of our service design and delivery, and allocation of human and fiscal resources.
  • Anticipatory. DHHS actively monitors changes in the needs of its customers and the impact of its services and applies new and innovative approaches in a timely, targeted and effective manner.
  • Collaborative. DHHS values internal and external partnerships.
  • Transparent. DHHS shares information, planning and decision-making processes and communicates openly with its customers and partners.
  • Results-oriented. DHHS emphasizes accountability and measures its work by the highest standards.


Customer Service

Welcome to DHHS Open Window.

You may have been referred to this by calling the DHHS Customer Service Center or you may have found this site in other ways.

From this site you can locate information about assistance and services that may be available to you and your family in your local community.

Open Window maintains information on many service providers in North Carolina.

You can find local government agencies to assist you or your family by using our local government agencies by county search tool or to find information or help visit our key topics page: