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    FINDER, which stands for Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response, is a collaboration between JPL and the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate in Washington. In the wreckage of a collapsed textile factory and another building in the Nepalese village of Chautara, four men were rescued, two from each destroyed building, in one of the hardest-hit areas of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25. The technology detected the men's presence even though they were buried under about 10 feet of brick, mud, wood and other debris.

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  • Image Showing Point-wise phase

    Point-Wise Phase Matching for Nonlinear Frequency Generation in Dielectric Resonators

    An optical resonator fabricated from a uniaxial birefringent crystal, such as beta barium borate.

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  • Image Showing method and circuit

    Method and Circuit for Injecting a Precise Amount of Charge Onto a Circuit Node

    A method and circuit for injecting charge into a circuit node.

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  • Electrolytes for wide operating temperature

    Electrolytes for Wide Operating Temperature Lithium-Ion Cells

    Provided herein are electrolytes for lithium-ion electrochemical cells, electrochemical cells employing the electrolytes.

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  • SAP/Maestro

    Maestro Science Activity Planner for Mars

    The Maestro Science Activity Planner (Maestro) combines cutting-edge visualization with sophisticated planning and simulation capabilities to provide and intuitive interface to the Mars Exploration Rovers. It achieved simultaneous successes in missions operations and technology development.

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  • Open Source Software Development Paradigm

    Open Source Software Development Paradigm


    The Open Source paradigm for developing and disseminating software continues to be a growing trend in industry and increasingly, in government.

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OTT Overview

The mission of the Office of Technology Transfer is to promote and facilitate the transfer of useful technologies to the commercial sector so that the public can directly benefit from the ingenuity and creativity of our outstanding researchers. The Office of Technology Transfer at JPL (OTT at JPL) specifically aims to focus on JPL intellectual property management and licensing, and commercialization support to apply JPL space technologies to non-NASA needs. The end goal is to infuse JPL-invented innovations into the private sector as quickly as possible so that taxpayers may benefit from NASA and JPL research, and so that the United States retains its technological leadership in world markets. The Office of Technology Transfer at JPL is responsible for new technology reporting, NASA Tech Briefs, software release, patents, licensing, and commercialization as these activities relate to JPL-developed technologies.