The NYS Office For People With Developmental Disabilities and its associated voluntary agencies offer many services to individuals and their families. Listed below are services that may be included as part of the selection criteria when searching for an agency or agencies.  
  Step One: Select the services you are interested in from the list below and then proceed to step 2  
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  Family Care  
  Parent Advocacy and Training  
  Family Support Services  
  Crisis Intervention  
  Financial Assistance  
  Respite Services  
  Day Services/ Day Habilitation  
  Forensic Services  
  Residential Services  
  Environmental Modifications (E-Mods)/ Adaptive Equipment  
  Health Care  
  Service Coordination  
  Employment Services  
  Housing/ Individual Support Services  
  Evaluation, Intake and Referral  
  In-home Services  
  Waiver Services  
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