School eDATA Project - eDucation in Arkansas Technology Assessment
"We will undertake an up-to-date assessment of all technology resources in our schools, showing us where we need to improve, and how these resources are used. With that, Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas Department of Information Systems will formulate a timeline to ensure that every child has safe access to the online world."
Governor Mike Beebe
State of the State Address
Jan 10, 2007
State Level Report
The statel level School eDATA report provides summary level statistics for the entire state. This is the entire School eDATA Project final report including the project summary, state level report, state and national statistics, geographic representations, and appendices containing the data used to create the geographic representations. Data related to district firewall status has been redacted from this report for security reasons. It is available upon request to School.eDATA.Project@Arkansas.Gov.
School eDATA State Level Report (PDF Format, 3.38MB)
Geographic Representations
These are the same geographic representations included in the state level report, but in individual files with a higher resolution.
Student to Computer Ratio by School District (PDF Format, 969KB)
Percentage of Active Network Connections in Instructional Rooms by School District (PDF Format, 971KB)
Districts Providing Annual Internet Safety Classes to Students (PDF Format, 966KB)
Arkansas School Districts Using Compressed Interactive Video (PDF Format, 966KB)
Firewall Status by School District (Available upon request to School.eDATA.Project@Arkansas.Gov)
District Level Reports
District level reports display the detail data for each school district compared to the state and national averages. Security related data has been redacted from these reports but is available upon request to School.eDATA.Project@Arkansas.Gov. District level reports are available for each individual school district or by county.
District Level Reports by County
District Level Reports by School District