Welcome to SeaBASS, the publicly shared archive of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data maintained by the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG). For information on how to search for data, please refer to the "Data Users" menu options. For information about preparing files for submission to SeaBASS, refer to "Data Contributors."

New Database, New Website

We've completely redone our database and have updated the website accordingly. It should be a bit quicker and more reliable and, though highly tested, small features and bugs tend to slip through the cracks. Just notify the SeaBASS administrator of any oddities and we'll check it out ASAP.


New Software Tools

netCDF converter: sb2nc is a Perl script designed to convert SeaBASS format data files to netCDF4 files.

Python SeaBASS file reader: While many of Python's built-in functions may be used to read SeaBASS files, this module leverages Python libraries and tools, including NumPy and Ordered Dictionaries, to efficiently read, sort, mask, and return the contained data for easy use.



FCHECK now outputs a summary of the different types (and number of occurrences) of errors and warnings that were found during its scan. This summary should make it easier for users to identify problems when they have checked multiple files and there is a lengthy amount of output to read through.


Processing Version Labels

The validation search results and stats download now include the actual processing version used to produce the extracts.


Minor UI Changes

We've finally replaced the gaudy, Google Maps pins with a slightly less gaudy circle! The 'Download 'All' button in the bio-optical search results has also been moved above the results table (plotting/mapping buttons are still located at the bottom).


Multi- vs. Hyper-spectral Searching

The bio-optical search has been given a new search option to find only multi- or hyper-spectral files. Or both, like it used to.


New Data Map

A map has been added to the Recent Data to (roughly) show areas with newly archived data. You can check it out here. Happy hunting!


Search by Date Archived

New functionality was added to all search engines allowing you to narrow down results by when they were archived in our system. All previously generated permalinks are now invalid.

We've also added a disclaimer to the pigment search engine. You can read more details on the search page, but briefly, there are certain limitations on those search results that will exist until the database is upgraded in the future. Complete pigment data can always be found by using the bio-optical search engine option.


On a Friday Again? He Wouldn't. He Did.

There is now a list of all primary investigators that displays all the cruises the PI was the point of contact for, as well as allowing a quick, one-push method of searching for all their data. It's finally possible to create more than one zip file in a bio-optical search. Alright, the "bad" news: Internet Explorer 8 and prior are no longer supported.



Those of you who use MATLAB might be interested in trying out the new readsb function to read in SeaBASS files. More information and the download link are available in its wiki page.