Welcome to the SHARE Distributed Biospecimen Management System

Bringing together biospecimen and related information to facilitate research for the Sinai-Helmsley Alliance for Research Excellence (SHARE) Network.

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Despite the many advances in the identification of the genes responsible for the increased risk of IBD, there is still little understanding as to how genetic disorders cause, modify, or increase the risk of developing IBD. The IBD centers of the SHARE Network have formed a consortium and have made a commitment to sharing of resources, patient information, and data integration using bioinformatics technology. The SHARE Network will enable investigators to better understand the causes, pathogenesis, and treatment of IBD through sharing of resources, specialized technology, patient samples, patient information, and data integration.


SHARE Distributed Biospecimen System Unifies

This system allows each of the SHARE institutions to leave its biospecimens and biospecimen data exactly how it is, requiring no change to existing biospecimen and biospecimen data management systems, and to look at and retrieve any data about biospecimens in the SHARE network, from all institutions, as if it were in a single database hosted locally through a single web interface.

  • Biospecimen characteristics
  • Related individual clinical phenotype information
  • Biospecimen collection protocol
  • Contact with key investigator to initiate collaboration