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Office of Traffic Safety
Practice walking with your child to ensure they take safety precautions.
Kids and speeding cars don’t mix. Avoid a crash by slowing down.
Drive safe and share the road.
Check your blind spots for hidden bikers when changing lanes or merging.
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The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) strives to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries. It does this by making available grants to local and state public agencies for programs that help them enforce traffic laws, educate the public in traffic safety, and provide varied and effective means of reducing fatalities, injuries and economic losses from collisions.

Saving Lives Through Traffic Safety Efforts.

The California Office of Traffic Safety’s mission is to effectively and efficiently administer traffic safety grants while fostering partnerships to deliver innovative programs that reduce traffic deaths, injuries and economic losses.

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Grant applications and other grant resources

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Media & Research

Materials to help researchers, the media, and interested individuals with information on traffic safety data, public awareness campaigns, and OTS resources.

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OTS & Traffic Safety

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Office of Traffic Safety and other traffic safety organizations.

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DDVIP - Designated Driver mobile app

Introducing the DDVIP App, featuring exclusive offers and discounts to sober DDs at bars and restaurants throughout California.

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