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This is a government computer system. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Anyone using this system is subject to monitoring. Unauthorized access or attempts to use, alter, destroy, or damage data, programs or equipment could result in criminal prosecution.  

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The GMS TEST environment is no longer in the Portal
Beginning April 26, 2016, the Grants Management System TEST environment was moved out of the portal and can now be accessed at a new URL. Click the read more link and bookmark the url after arriving at the single sign on login page. Information was sent to all users registered in the GMS on April 26th. The NDE Portal will still be utilized for the Data Collections and Student & Staff (NSSRS) collections.  read more...

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If you or any of your staff leave a District or a School, it is your responsibility to manage the access of your district personnel to any and all Data Collections, GMS, and Staff and Student Record Systems. The District Administrator needs to review the list of users within their district for the new school year, and remove users as needed.

Please read the new help documentation available on the Help tab under 'District Administrator Responsibilities,' or click here.

Remember, our Help Desk can be reached by calling toll free at 888-285-0556 or at our local number 402-471-3151. You can also send an email to helpdesk@nde.ne.gov