Access to the Public Records of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts

This website (WCCA) provides access to certain public records of the Wisconsin circuit courts. The information displayed is an exact copy of the case information entered into the circuit court case management system by court staff in the counties where the case files are located. The court record summaries viewed here are all public records under Wisconsin open records law.
Please read this agreement prior to using the WCCA website:
The data available on the WCCA website is limited in the following ways: 1. Case information is uploaded to the WCCA website hourly unless periodic maintenance is being performed or the site is experiencing technical problems. The WCCA website information is accurate as of those updates. The WCCA program may be down for maintenance every night from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Central Time. 2. Each county began using the circuit court case management system at different times and made independent decisions about the conversion or backloading of old cases. Converted cases may display less information. 3. Records not open to public inspection are not displayed on the WCCA website. Confidential court records include adoptions, juvenile delinquency, child protection, termination of parental rights, guardianship, and civil commitments. 4. The official judgment and lien docket is located in the office of the clerk of circuit court for each county. Although WCCA is not the official judgment and lien docket, it does accurately reflect the information entered into the circuit court case management system for that purpose.
Please indicate that you have read the above and agree to the use of the WCCA website subject to the above terms and understand the limitations of the circuit court case management database.

Notice to Employers: It may be a violation of state law to discriminate against a job applicant because of an arrest or conviction record.  Generally speaking, an employer may refuse to hire an applicant on the basis of a conviction only if the circumstances of the conviction substantially relate to the particular job.  For more information, see Wisconsin Statute 111.335 and the Department of Workforce Development's Arrest and Conviction Records under the Law publication.

Publication of court information on other websites: WCCA is not responsible for court case information that is published on other websites. Any business or website offering to remove court case information for payment is not connected to WCCA or to any circuit court. Wisconsin circuit courts do not accept payment to remove court case information from the website. Payment to another organization will not cause court case information to be removed from the WCCA website.

Accuracy: The official recordkeepers for the circuit courts are the clerk of circuit court, the register in probate, and the juvenile court clerk in each county. The information contained on the WCCA website has been entered by the official recordkeepers in each county. Information technology staff cannot modify the court data on the WCCA website. If you believe data displayed on this website is incorrect, please click here for instructions on how to request an error correction. You may also contact the circuit court where the case is filed.

Public Records on the Internet: The Director of State Courts' Office has adopted a Policy on Disclosure of Public Information Over the Internet. View the policy.

Data Extraction Option: WCCA data is available through a REST interface on a subscription basis. For subscription, contact, and technical information, please click here.

Court Terms: The Wisconsin News Reporters Handbook, chapter 6, has a good glossary of terms commonly used in Wisconsin courts. You can find it online here. An explanation of some of the abbreviations found on the WCCA website is available under the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

RSS Feeds: Some data presented on the WCCA website is available through RSS feeds. For more information on RSS, how it works and how to subscribe to feeds, click here.

Additional Information: More information about the WCCA website and the circuit court case management system is found under the frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you find problems with the WCCA website, please contact the WCCA Web administrator. Given the large number of users, WCCA cannot guarantee that every question will receive an answer.