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SIVO Web Map Service (WMS) Catalog

A Web Map Service (WMS) provides maps (that is, images of geographic data) over the internet. WMS is defined by an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specification and is also an International Standard (ISO 19128:2005) WMS defines the format of HTTP URLs that are used retrieve the table of contents ("service metadata") of a server and to request customized maps from a server.

This computer hosts WMS servers and viewers used by several NASA projects. Each project has an associated Viewer that provides a graphical interface to one or more NASA WMS servers. The WMS servers are also accessible by any WMS-compatible client. Detailed service metadata about each server is provided in XML format[2].

These services are provided by the Software Integration and Visualization Office (SIVO) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Projects Viewers Sample Images and Service Metadata [2]
Public: satellite imagery and ancillary layers of general interest
  • True-color images of the Atlantic hurricane region from the Aqua satellite.
  • True-color images of the Atlantic hurricane region from the Terra satellite.
  • Longwave infrared images of the Western hemisphere from the GOES-12 satellite.
  • Infrared cloud-cover composite from GOES, Meteosat and GMS satellites.
Public Viewer Aqua MODIS WMS
CPC Composite WMS
MAP06: Modeling, Analyis & Prediction program 2006: simulations of meteorological quantities. MAP06 Viewer MAP06 WMS
INTEX-B: Intercontinental Transport Experiment phase B: simulations of aerosols and carbon monoxide. INTEX-B Viewer INTEX-B WMS
Ocean Winds: observed and modeled sea-surface winds for the period 2001-2005. Ocean Winds Viewer Ocean Winds WMS
Moon: several lunar images and datasets.[1] Moon Viewer Moon WMS
Jupiter: Cassini image of Jupiter.[1] Jupiter Viewer Jupiter WMS


  1. Moon and Jupiter coordinate systems are falsely stated as Earth lat/lon because WMS currently does not define coordinates for other planetary bodies.
  2. WMS 1.1.1 service metadata is an XML document with Content-Type: application/vnd.ogc.wms_xml.

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