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Welcome to the wiki!

This wiki aims to provide a useful space for both data stewards and data consumers to share insights and exchange ideas related to open government data. We hope it will become a central place where users are able to share the diversity of work going on in the open government data community.

At this point, it is editable by anyone who is a Federal employee or a contractor supporting one. Please help to contribute!

Intent and Goals

  • Provide a place where data communities can collaborate around a topic, share their data insights, and provide feedback to each other
  • Encourage communication between data publishers and data consumers
  • Share useful tools, such as screen scrapers, visualization plugins, and metadata editors used by the Federal data community for developers
  • Provide documentation for the data steward community, such as:
    • How to get data onto and
    • What metadata fields are mandatory in
    • Explain the approval process
  • Explain some of the policies governing what data is allowed on
  • Experiment with different ways of describing and cataloguing data
    • Linked Data

Getting Started

Who Can Contribute

While we hope to eventually allow public citizens to edit on this wiki, at the moment, editing is currently available to Federal employees and supporting contractors. There are several regulatory issues and concerns that we must work through before permitting the general public to edit here.

Community Pages

Please Help!

Pages that could use some help.

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